To The Pub

I leave Margaret in the study. I would like her to take a break. She will have all day to work on whatever she planned to do. As a result, I hope she would sit there in the study and relax for a minute. I arranged three groups of chairs around the place. I even put a couch in one of them. She could stare out at the woods and even take a nap on that sofa. Likely, however, she will straighten the desk and go back to the laundry. I pray she will be blessed and watched over while I am gone.

I walk back through the house. Lignum Estate was comfortably built. I should really spend some more time in these other rooms. The wood floors and dark walls are just warm and inviting. Still, I find myself spending much of my time in that study. Plus, going to the study is easier because one hallway connects the front door to the study. Well, here I go again.

Margaret was right. It is chilly out here. I should stop and find my cloak. Ahh, that is much better. I like this thing. I think the green blends into many of the surroundings through which I pass. It has an excellent hood on it, and the part where I put my arms through is separated a little from the part that covers you.

Now, I put my map and compass in my bag, but I hope I don’t need them. Since I am walking the main road, I should just be able to follow it. It should bring me straight to L & L.

My front yard always reminds me of a pasture. I should fence part of it in and get some cows. The yard runs all the way to the road. The grass always looks great. I don’t know who Margaret found to take care of it. Although, now that I think about it: Margaret does it herself. I’ve often wondered what’s in that barn off to the Western side before the tree line. She might even have a horse in there to help her with the yard. I should really ask about that one day. I chuckle a bit at these thoughts. I know full well that as long as it looks like it does; then I will never ask about it.

The couple of houses here are very well spaced. There is a good half mile between all of us. Plus, we are on the same side of the road. I guess the forest just became too thick on the other side of the road. The builders decided not to deal with that. I don’t blame them.

The road leads back into the woods after the last house. I am grateful for my cloak and the sun today. I would really be having a hard time with this hike otherwise. I am not a fast mover. I like to take in the surroundings, so I move slowly. The cold would hit me hard if the sun wasn’t shining as brightly as it is.

At least, the road dried from the rains. I expected a rougher journey through a bit of mud today. The road is nicely packed though. In fact, I wonder who else has been travelling today. There must have been many people crossing through these trees today. Otherwise the road would be mush. This is almost pleasant ground today though. Such a road is a blessing when one is in a bit of a hurry.

If I remember precisely, this first intersection leads to Horturba. Normally, I would go by there and see what, if anything, has changed. My suspicion is that nothing has changed. Which is typically true. Though every now and again some new addition to their market appears. Most of the merchants now have shops there, so it has come a long way since just being changeable stalls. However, I have to keep moving today.

All right, I am making great time today. The sun has just tipped past its crest. I reach the intersection before the stream. I don’t recall off hand to which village this intersection leads. Not that it matters today. I need to keep moving. I am only about half way to L & L. However, I think I will take a break when I reach the stream to eat Margaret’s lunch.

There I go. I was right. The stream is more out of its banks than usual. Look at all that brown water. I wonder what all washed down from the hills around here. I wager there are some farmers who are very unhappy with this development. I ask that not many crops were lost.

Now, let’s see what Margaret packed her traveler. Oh, looks like sandwiches. I always like sandwiches on short hikes. They just seem fitting really. They do not take long to eat, are tasty, and feel a little bit like home even in these wilds. Margaret really knows what she is doing. That was a fantastic lunch. I must get moving again. Just one more hill to the pub.

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