A Forced Summons

Wow, Ferdia, you must be busy. I still feel the other message. I only left it two days ago. I should not be surprised you have not visited since then. I have never made this quick of a return to Ceird City. Really visiting any city again this quickly is strange to me.

Still feeling this old message is strange too. Is this what you find when you look for my messages? No wonder that you have no problem finding these things. This energy is strong. At least, this feels strong to me. I am still new to this though. I mean this message feels weaker than your messages. I sense it obviously anyway. The message ripples across my skin like feeling an approaching thunderstorm.

I am getting better at feeling the environment. I am grateful for your lessons on that. I watch during my whole journey into a meeting now. I can see how people become entrenched in their approach to things. Surely, they grow up with these examples all around them. Makes some sense then how they become fixated. Still, seeing these community patterns makes spotting the individual’s distraction easier somehow. I suppose it highlights the person’s quirks.

Mostly, I am still meeting with merchants, traders, and producers. Landowners and crafts-people go about things differently. Different cities have their generalities too. I knew that things were different among individuals as I mentioned to you. I just failed to realize how towns and cities differ. I learned that from listening to you about how you help people.

Anyway, I got distracted again. I hoped you would come yesterday. I figured you would not have enough time. I am just going to leave you two messages. You can just leave me one though. I just need to tell you what’s happening in this one.

So, I ride into Baile and see a man in tan riding pants and a black tunic. He walked around the well there. His gait was just off. He looked out of place. That’s seeing the environment. He turned to see me, and I saw the red lion of Riocht’s City emblazoned on his chest. I can only imagine how awkward he felt in such an out of the way village.

He greeted me and started to walk my way. He hands me a letter from the city leaders. They plead with me to return as quickly as possible. They tell me I need to visit immediately. Apparently, some group has scheduled a meeting in Riocht secretly. They did not reveal the group. They seemed very excited. Usually, they just request my attendance. This letter was forceful though. It is very unusual. So, I have to go to Riocht City to see what this is about.

The courier tells me that he is my escort. I told him I have two stops to make before I can leave. He counters with an imperative to ride with him. I just walked away. I left him standing there and went to my scheduled meeting. I met with a farmer who had a new plan for his produce. He wanted to pull up some trees. He was very particular about just needing one more donkey in his appeal. I wanted to make sure he had a real plan. You know what? He did. I paid for the donkey and left feeling very hopeful about that farmer. The courier was gone by the time I returned to the well.

I decided to come here next. Squilla resisted initially, but I convinced him. I bundled up in my wool cape against the morning cold. The temperatures drop more rapidly here. Back home, the temperature descends over a couple of months. Winter arrives slowly. Here, winter just arrives all of a sudden. That’s one thing I enjoy about my travels. I get to see how the climate varies across our country.

Squilla moved slowly just enjoying the chill. We arrived with the city in full swing. Many people pushed their way through the park. I shook my head as I watched the people from other cities adapt to Ceird. I could not help hearing your messages as I watched this transformation.

Squilla helped me out and navigated us toward the pub in the flow of traffic. You may want to know that the pub owner added fireplaces to the back porch. They are wonderful. I could begin to feel the cold even through my cape as we approached the pub. These fireplaces are so warm that I had to take off the cape before this message. They are very nice and look great.

I confess that I got to the pub with the market having a very strong day. I suppose the villages are sending people to find provisions for the winter. I got distracted watching folks for a little bit. I saw one older man with a younger companion. The younger ended up carrying all the purchased stuff. He reminded me of a donkey. The older one not only passed bags of stuff but also gave instruction at each stall to the younger. I watched the older show the younger how to select late season fruits and furs. I figure the younger will face this task of provision buying next year.

Anyway, I got preoccupied again. I wanted to let you know why you would not hear from me for a while.

I have enjoyed our conversations these past few months. You have really helped me focus my task selection too. Just remember that farmer in Baile. On my recent tour, I just chose four requests from each county. This allowed me to focus on the task in front of me. I did not have to worry about arriving for the next task on time because I could schedule them leisurely. I spent as much time with each of them as I wanted.

Okay, I hope that is all for now. One day maybe our paths will cross, but I look forward to hearing from you when I get back. I should not be long.

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