Storytelling Apologetics Project

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The Storytelling Apologetics Project [SAP] is a Christian ministry to adults through story performances in hopes of encouraging closer walks with and to God through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit. We seek….

*) Wait – hold on – What?

A. What do you mean: “walks with and to God through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit?”
○ Our Christian foundation comes from the Bible and the Nicene Creed. We are Christian based in the most fundamental sense of the term. We seek to encourage walks with and to God from the very foundations of God’s revelation to His creation. We have sought and found, so we ask to echo God’s call to our fellow believers of all denominations.
B. What are “story performances?”
○ We want to make demonstrations of who God is through His stories of working our salvation and His work in our lives and His world. We think art provides us this opportunity. We hope to share our expressions of God’s reality so that you may hear God’s call and go to seek Him.
C. But you said “adult ministry?”
○ That’s right, we did. We want to reach out to those who have already begun a Christian journey. We watch Christians debate the finer pieces of theology with each other and a culture which appears very far removed from the possibility of living in God’s world. We think these arguments, while useful, can crowd out the Person who calls to us if we focus only on these arguments. So, we seek to shift the focus back to the God who became incarnate to save us from our sins.
D. So wait, it sounds like you’re talking about story time for adults?
○ That is exactly what we are talking about. We want to simplify matters through a demonstration of God’s grace through story. We want to remind us of God’s story told through His efforts for our salvation throughout history. Even down to our own individual lives.

So, we invite you to let us come to your local church and let us share God’s story in hopes of encouraging people to go and seek God Himself.

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