Finding The Mail

Messy Desk

Where’s the mail?

I just don’t know where they are. Margaret usually arranges things diligently while I’m away. I must have moved them last night when I arrived. Let’s see.

Margaret convinced me to leave my provisions’ pack at the door and come in here to the office. Likely, she just wanted to separate dirty from clean laundry without me standing over her. She keeps my things very well organized. I probably would be lost without her. Very much like I have lost my letters, I’ll wager. Really, this is her house. I never expected to find such a helpful housekeeper.

So, I came in here. I remember I got distracted at one point looking at the stars. I built this room like a greenhouse. I am surrounded by an open view of the property around the house. Even now, the sun just crests over the horizon. The first rays of light stretch themselves to the edge of the trees. The original builders of Lignum Estate did a very nice job of clearing the trees around the house. They left most of the forest untouched. I am surrounded by pines and dogwoods. The pines offer a wonderfully green setting all year while the dogwoods add some marvelous flowers in spring and summer. They make for a very comfortable house.

Where was I? Oh, right, I was looking for my letters. I can’t find them this morning, so I was retracing my steps from last night. I ended up gazing at the stars last night. I could have knocked them into the floor.

Nope, they don’t seem to be there. I would wager, then, that they must be on the desk somewhere. I must have put something on top of them. I have picked up everything on this desk. I still do not see them. There is only one thing left to do.

“Margaret, could you come help me for a moment?”

I hear her steps in the hall. She never rushes just takes her time. “Good morning, Margaret. I have misplaced my letters again. I know you usually put them on this corner of the desk. I don’t see them there. I must have moved them last night. Would you happen to know what I did with them?”

Margaret nods her head with a smile. “Of course, Mr. Edward. You did the same thing you always do with them. I know you appreciate my work around here, but you would really be better off remembering what you do with things.”

Margaret makes a move, but I remember something from last night. “You’re right. I moved them to this drawer, didn’t I?” I move to the bottom desk drawer and nearly roll over Margaret’s feet with the desk chair. “Oh, excuse me. I was just going to look in this desk drawer.”

Margaret grins and shakes her head. “No, Sir, you don’t put them in that desk drawer. That’s where your maps go. You most likely….”

She moves around behind me again. I get another thought and slide the desk chair between her and her destination. “Oh, I did make some adjustments to the maps last night. I travelled through an Eastern country this time. Remind me to tell you about it one day. I thought I made a good representation of that place. However, much has changed since my last visit. So, I must have moved the letters to this bookcase.”

I rummage through several stacks of papers but still no letters. Margaret just watches me with a laugh like an aunt watching her nieces learn to walk. “They’re not there either, Sir. You always put the letters in the same place. Why don’t you check your center desk drawer?”

I blink at her. “My center desk drawer? Where my pens are? Why would I put them there?” I recover and glide the chair back to the desk. What about that? There just behind the row for pens rests a stack of letters. I echo Margaret’s laugh. “You see that’s why I called you. I knew you would know exactly where they were.”

Margaret smiles. “Yes, Sir. I am glad you found them. Is there anything else I can help you with this morning?”

I look down at the floor. “No, I don’t think there is. I will just see what my correspondents have to say. We will then see where I am off to next. I predict.”

“Very good, Sir. Just call again if you need me.”

“Thank you, Margaret.”

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