Dealing With Change

Morning at the Pub

Morning at the Pub

Well, Mansit, you better have enjoyed your stroll from Gort this morning. You delayed us just long enough to fight everyone arriving at the gates. I know the cooler morning made the journey more comfortable for you, but it’s down right chilly these days. Plus, I will never understand your skill at navigating these crowds.

Now, don’t ney like that. You did very well getting us here. Look the usual table is still open. You know well that the energy there will keep many people away. So, you got us here exactly when we needed to be.

I guess I’m just concerned about today’s task. I will just tie you up here and go get my biscuit and tea. Maybe that will give me a moment to see what Kayn has to say and prepare for this task.

The sun warms things nicely even under the new porch cover. Few people are even out at the pub right now, and the waiter from my last visit is still here. I’m glad to see the pub owner getting some people to stick around. Now, let’s get comfortable and see what happens this morning.

I don’t even know why I took this task. I haven’t taken a pink rag in years, so what motivated this task? There are even more pieces to these disputes than with the business disagreements. They dive into the disagreement much like negotiating a sale. Everyone looks for getting out of it with the best deal for themselves and tend to overlook the other side. I can’t believe I took this on.

The latest additions to the pub seem to block the sun well. I can see the merchants setting up their stalls sweating already. It’s cooler here though. I feel the temperature rising, but the cool edge to the morning remains. The pub owner really did a nice job building the cover to the porch. Everyone seems a bit more comfortable and less running around. No one has bumped into me today.

I must leave here soon. When the market opens up, I will have difficulty getting to the residential areas on the back side of the market. Plus, I will need to get to the house before the couple leaves. I know they are hesitant to leave in the morning because they want to work this out, but neither of them wants to be the one to apologize first.

Oh, here comes the waiter. “Good morning, Ferdia. Welcome back; would you like your biscuits and tea this morning?”

“Yes, I would, Jacques. How are you today?”

“Hey, thanks for asking. Doing good so far. Folks are just arriving here. Lots of your fellow travellers this morning. Should be a good day for us and the market in that case. Give me a moment, and I will get your breakfast.”

“Thank you, Jacques.” That’s a good kid. So far, he’s improved his skills on the job, but he keeps his energy. I pray he can keep that up. His staying is a good sign.

Now, let’s see what message Kayn has left.

Ah, the confident, kind voice.

“Ferdia, thank you for your last message in Dair. I reached the shrine late at night and had to get Squilla, that’s my horse, to help find the message. You placed the rag well, but I overlooked it. Squilla proved herself again as an amiable companion.

“Our families taught us much about the work we do, didn’t they? I was complaining to Squilla on the way in that I need to be more deliberate in choosing tasks. That was a lesson Mom tried to teach me, but I keep forgetting it. I look around your shrine and notice that you receive as many rags as I do letters. Do you find it difficult to select tasks because there are just so many?

“Oh, have you ever seen the rags at night? They glow in the trees. I thought the stars were leaking through the canopy. Then, I realized the colors and drew a sense of peace from all the colors shining. That’s really amazing. Was that another imprint of your mother?

“Anyway, looks like I got distracted again. I just got to Ceird from Baille, and your messages about the context is amazing. I never noticed before that only in certain environments do people act in certain ways. That perspective really helped me clarify the ‘specific distraction,’ so thank you for that.

“People move in Baille different than they move even here in Ceird. Much more purposeful on the farms than in the city. I mean the people here move with a focus, but they don’t really seem to focus on things around them. On the farms, it seems the opposite. They get so focused on what’s around them that they miss their distraction easier.

“I don’t know. This is all still new to me, so I am still trying to figure it out. Do you find that our work gives a unique perspective on folks? I mean we get to see them at pretty vulnerable points. They let us into their lives in ways that they refuse to let others in, so what does that allow us to see?

“Well, I don’t know what brought on that reflective bit, but I have to go meet this merchant. I’m not even sure what he wants to do, but we’ll see, I suppose.”

The sun is very bright now, so the heat in the market will be difficult. Folks will move even faster to get out of the sun. This will create some more bottlenecks, so I better get moving myself.

I must remember to answer these questions in my next message. Family definitely shaped my journey, and I hear that it did hers as well. That’s interesting. The focus on her work is encouraging too. I can’t imagine caring for the entire country. Riocht is a massive place, and I am grateful that I just have one county. Though, maybe she has a point that our work is linked some how?

That question should keep me duly distracted for the ride to the residences. I’ll just let Mansit lead the way and contemplate these new pieces. Time to go get Mansit.

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