About Me

My personal story is one of a long, strange journey with and to God.

This journey has led me to a quaint home with a beautiful wife just north of Birmingham, Al. I pay the bills with a unique job as a tobacconist in Homewood, AL [The Briary]. The constant theme is writing everywhere I find myself.

My journey passed through such bizarre stops as earning a bachelor and a master degree from the University of Alabama. I received a handful of publications by the grace of God. Plus, I have worked in all kinds of industries from lawn care to medical records. I have, even, performed all over this nation. Also, I have preached in a couple of places. There’s just too many turns to summarize here. This journey has been wonderful, and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for me next.

I hope that art is involved somehow. I pray God continues to inspire my stories which you can find here. I ask that He builds me into the husband and writer that He desires. Prayerfully, God will lead me down this path and bring me safely home at the end.

Ire cum Deo,


P. S. By the grace of God, I have been published. Here’s a list:

Birmingham Business Journal

Religious Studies Blog @ Alabama

Aphelion Webzine

Philosophy Now

Interview with Religious Studies Blog @ Alabama

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