Hey Reader,

I want to thank you for stopping by today. I think of this site as my workshop. I post stories on the Second Tuesday of the month, and the Storytelling Apologetics Project will be posting more often than that. Make sure you visit often to catch all of it. Plus, share what you find with your friends. While you’re here, I hope you find some support for your journey.

As I said, this is my workshop. I write stories throughout the year. I post them here when I think they are close enough. I realize there are still problems with them. Still, I hope you will free to comment about what you liked and didn’t like. Who knows we might even start a conversation that revolutionizes both our journeys.

For you, I hope you find support for your journey. Whatever you are celebrating or struggling with, I hope you find some encouragement and some challenge for your season of life. Stories have this way of pulling us out of our present and offering us some perspective to keep us moving. I pray you find that support while you are here.

Ire cum Deo,


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